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Chrysler Voyager
Chrysler Voyager Rear-Entry - Versatility that is fast and easy
Chrysler Voyager Rear-Entry - Versatility that is fast and easy
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Commercial Wheelchair Vans & Paratransit Vehicles

MobilityWorks Commercial is the industry leader in wheelchair accessible vans, shuttles and ADA compliant minivans. Whether you need one vehicle, or an entire fleet, we are your one-stop resource.

Highest Quality, Value and Service

At MobilityWorks, we believe in the highest quality, value and service. We partner with manufactures that follow our strict engineering and quality standards ensure passenger safety and comfort, giving you the best value for your transportation dollar. From selection of your vehicle, to financing, delivery, nationwide service and a great warranty to back our product — our turn-key customer service takes the hassle out of your fleet purchase.

We offer the highest-quality FMVSS, OEM and ADA-compliant commercial vehicles in the country. Our vehicles are manufactured in the Driverge commercial production facility that was one of the first adaptive vehicle manufacturers to qualify for the Ford Quality Vehicle Modifier (QVM) certification program and bi-annual audit process.

Fleet Vans Maintenance, Repair & Parts

Your vehicles are critical to you — and your clients. You can trust MobilityWorks Commercial for the highest quality, most reliable routine maintenance, service and repairs. Regular inspection of the vehicles in your fleet can save you costly repair costs down the line. Our highly trained technicians follow strict guidelines for quality assurance so that your vehicles are always in top working order. We offer:

  • Wheelchair lift repair & installation
  • Electrical component repair
  • Wheelchair securement
  • Restraint belt installation
  • Step repair & installation
  • Seating repair & replacement

We have nationwide service centers for your convenience.


Financing options available to qualified applicants*

  • Up to 84 months financing with little to no money down.
  • We have excellent relationships with several lenders for both financing and leasing options.
    • Excellent interest rates for qualified buyers
    • Commercial lines of credit available
    • Able to finance start up businesses
    • Ability to finance companies with poor credit histories.
    • Transportation and taxi cab company financing.
  • Government Price Concessions (GPC) and Mobility Motoring Incentives from Ford can also significantly reduce the cost of your van. Ask us for more information

For more information on our financing options please call (603) 664-4855

*Please note that financing is subject to commercial lender review and approval. Not all that apply will be approved.

We Accept Trade-Ins

Ask one of our Accessible Fleet Consultants for more information on a free appraisal of your vehicle(s) to determine your eligibility for a trade-in.