Professional Driver Training

Professional Driver Training

No matter how well a van is built, nor how safety-focused the upfit is engineered, nor all the vast testing done to meet ADA, NHTSA and FMVSS requirements, it still comes down to how well the driver knows how to effectively secure the wheelchair passenger for transport.

Safety comes first with us, and we know it does with you, too.

That’s why MobilityWorks Commercial is happy to offer your drivers our Professional Training program. This is critical training to help assure safer onboarding, transport and off-boarding of your customers. Not only do we demonstrate all the ‘how-to’s and make certain students can confidently execute each of them, we also teach your drivers the reason for doing each—so they understand the ‘why’ behind what they are being asked to do.

The result is a more well-rounded, responsible driver possessing an even deeper respect for the passengers in their care.

The additional value Driver Training adds

Potential savings on Insurance Premiums

A stronger culture of safety within your company:

  • Doing it right improves efficiencies
  • Greater Driver Retention
  • Gives drivers more confidence
  • Improves service skills
  • Minimal training investment helps avoid costly accidents and lawsuits
  • Less incidents = less downtime
  • Happier, more engaged and loyal drivers
  • Compliance with ADA law
  • Certified drivers elevate your company above the competition

Overall greater Customer Satisfaction

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