Driverge Flex Series. An Accessible Vehicle...A Passenger Vehicle...And Everything in Between

Driverge Flex Series

The ADA-compliant Chrysler Voyager and Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) upfitted by Driverge can quickly be configured to accommodate up to six or seven ambulatory passengers when not transporting a wheelchair passenger. One vehicle can provide operators with fast and flexible configurations, an excellent choice for paratransit and rideshare applications or any situations that require flexible seating arrangements.

An Accessible Vehicle...

1 or 2 wheelchair users (Flex4 & 6 long-cuts)

1 wheelchair passenger (Flex7 short-cut)

A Passenger Vehicle...

4 passengers (Flex4)

6 passengers (Flex6)

7 passengers (Flex7)

And Everything In Between*

2 passengers and 2 wheelchair users (Flex4 &Flex6)

4 passengers and 1 wheelchair user (Flex4 & Flex6)

5 passengers and 1 wheelchair user (Flex7)

No matter what the make-up of your next group of passengers, drivers can quickly and easily create the optimum space:

Flex4 Seating Arrangement Chart
Flex6 Seating Arrangement Chart
Flex7 Seating Arrangement Chart

A FlexFlat Ramp and Fold & Turn Seats make it all possible:

With two wheelchairs on board, the easy-to-use FlexFlat ramp stores upright. When not in use with wheelchair passengers, it folds flat into floor to create more cargo space.

The second and third-row seats are comfortable, full-sized ‘Captain’s Chairs’ that easily fold and turn out of the way to create space for wheelchairs or cargo.
Please note, the Flex7 requires the OEM second row seating with the optional middle seat.

Optional second-row seating is available on Flex 4 and 6 models. These two, smaller (14-inch wide) caregiver seats are fixed, allowing a wheelchair passenger to sit comfortably in between.

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Dimensions and Specifications

Flex4 Dimensions and Specifications
Flex6 Dimensions and Specifications
Flex7 Dimensions and Specifications

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