The Ford Transit Connect

Driverge’s Ford Transit Connect is a great addition to a line of minivans that have been used for wheelchair passengers’ transportation for decades. It’s the lowest-cost new vehicle and has features designed specifically for easier accessibility.

Ford Transit Connect Seating
Ford Transit Connect with Wheelchair

Best Accommodation for a Wheelchair Passenger

The 2nd row split seats allow a wheelchair passenger to see out of the front and the aid to sit in the single seat.

Ford Transit Connect Rear View with Wheelchair
Ford Transit Connect Rear View

Transports Up To Six Passengers

Accommodates 5 adults and 1 wheelchair passenger compared to the most standard end-user market option of 4 adults and 1 wheelchair layout.

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The Best Value for a commercial minivan

  • The lowest-cost new vehicle available in the market for WAV transportation.
  • Low Profile - Easy for elderly passengers to get in and out.
  • Optional Electric Securements that make the securement process of wheelchair passengers easier.
  • Easy to maneuver in urban settings because of its smaller size
  • Fuel Efficiency. Best-in-Class 26 MPG average combined driving
  • Exclusive FlexFlat™ Ramp by Driverge Vehicle Innovations is standard equipment (folds flat when not in use to create a usable deck).
Ford Transit Connect Chart
Ford Transit Connect Specs

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