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MobilityWorks Commercial is a National Ambulette Van Dealer

MobilityWorks Commercial is the industry leader in commercial-grade ambulettes for fleets throughout the country. With a wide variety of floor plans available on Ford, Ram and Chevrolet/GMC full-size vans we accommodate all customers.

SmartFloor™ is a Patented and innovative new floor system available exclusively from MobilityWorks Commercial!

What is an Ambulette? Ambulettes are non-emergency wheelchair vans which are typically used by businesses and facilities to transport both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. Ambulettes are the vehicle of choice for nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, transport companies, medical transportation providers, EMS facilities, fire departments, group homes and facilities for the developmentally disabled.

Why MobilityWorks Commercial for Ambulettes and Wheelchair Vans

    • Flexible Floor Plans--SmartFloor allows you to quickly and easily move, add or remove seats and wheelchair positions. Click here for more information on our exclusive SmartFloor system.
    • All of our ADA-compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards
    • Meet all FMVSS standards
    • Crash tested
    • Additionally, MobilityWorks Commercial is a proud participant in Ford's QVM program (Quality Vehicle Modifier), which requires annual re-certification by Ford. Ford also offers a special Mobility Rebate which is available only from builders in Ford's QVM program. Ram also offers rebates. Call us at 888-466-5504 for more details

Common Features in Ambulettes and Wheelchair Vans

  • Custom one-piece plastic walls for ease of cleaning which allows your vehicle to stay new looking longer.
  • Raised roof paratransits are available in multiple heights on standard and extended length chassis.
  • We specialize in meeting your needs by offering side or rear lifts, multiple wheelchair and ambulatory seating, stretcher mounts, state DOT requirements and much more.

Ultimate Seating Flexibility and Versatility – SmartFloor SmartFloor is an innovative floor system which allows you to quickly and easily move, add or remove seats and wheelchair positions. The modular SmartFloor technology allows ambulettes to be converted quickly from group transport to wheelchair transport – fitting up to four wheelchairs plus five ambulatory, or 14 ambulatory passengers. Click here for more information on our exclusive SmartFloor system.


Exterior of white Ford Transit
Exterior Silver Ford Transit Wagon

Ford Transit Wagon

Exterior of Chevrolet / GMC full-size van

Chevrolet/GMC full-size vans

Exterior of white Ram Promaster

Our Advantages

As the nation’s leading commercial wheelchair van dealer, we are focused on being the one-stop resource for your mobility van needs. Our team of experts provides each customer with the best advantages in the industry, including:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • SmartFloor™ technology
  • Customizations based on your needs
  • Free on-site training
  • Routine service check-ups

Ordering an Ambulette Van from MobilityWorks Commercial
MobilityWorks Commercial offers quick customizations and fast turnaround times.
Interested in ordering an Ambulette van from MobilityWorks Commercial? Call our toll-free line at 888-466-5504, send us an inquiry here, or view our current inventory.