Ford Transit with a wheelchair lift in lowered position

Wheelchair & Handicap Vans for Senior and Assisted Living Communities

MobilityWorks is a trusted partner of Senior Living & Assisted Living communities and facilities across the country. With a wide variety of floor plans and customizable features and options, our inventory of wheelchair accessible vans, shuttles and buses and minivans allow senior living facilities to enable their residents to live more active, independent lifestyles.

Senior Living

With the growing demographics of our 65+ and 85+ population, transportation needs are increasing for these older adults and their caregivers. Lack of access to mobility options has a profound impact on older adults’ quality of life. Senior transportation must recognize the importance of quality-of-life issues and move beyond the limited goal of ensuring access only for those trips viewed as a necessity. Social, recreation, leisure, civic engagement and other aspects of connection should be valued as essential components of community living. Opportunities should exist for older adults to access transportation to these types of activities as well as to the doctor and the grocery store.

We offer a wide selection of wheelchair and handicap vans that are equipped to handle the requirements and needs of senior and assisted living communities, retirement communities and skilled-care facilities. Our inventory of vehicles are also customizable, so they can be built to meet the specific needs of your community.

Vehicle Features

Our selection of vehicles offer a wide variety of features, including:

  • Side or rear lifts, multiple wheelchair and ambulatory seating configurations, stretcher mounts, state DOT requirements and much more.
  • Raised roof paratransit vehicles are available in multiple heights on both standard and extended length chassis.


  • ADA-compliant. All vehicles are engineered, manufactured and tested to meet all ADA standards and regulations.
  • Flexible floor plans & custom options. Quickly and easily move, add or remove seats and wheelchair positions on vehicles using MobilityWorks Commercial’s exclusive SmartFloor system.
  • Versatile, efficient design

Ideal For

Wheelchair and handicap vans can serve many purposes for your community. Our selection of vehicles are ideal for:

  • Short trips
  • Family visits
  • Daily activities
  • Group outings
  • Transportation to-and-from appointments

Our Advantages

As the nation’s leading commercial wheelchair van dealer, we are focused on being the one-stop resource for your mobility van needs. Our team of experts provides each customer with the best advantages in the industry, including:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • SmartFloor™ technology
  • Customizations based on your needs
  • Free on-site training
  • Routine service check-ups

Ordering a Vehicle for Your Senior Living Community

MobilityWorks Commercial offers quick customizations and fast turnaround times. Interested in ordering a vehicle for your senior living community? Contact a MobilityWorks Commercial representative in your area to discuss your options.

Call our toll-free line at 888-466-5504 or Send us an inquiry here.

Featured Vehicles

Exterior white Ford Transit
Ford Transit with rear entry lift

Ford Transit with Rear Entry Lift

Ford Transit with bus doors

Ford Transit with Bus Doors

Black rear entry minivan


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