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Ford E-Transits by Driverge

Driverge Vehicle Innovations, Ford’s top mobility modifier for 20 consecutive years, can now deliver you QVM-quality E-Transits made for non-emergency and shuttle service applications.


Rear-entry Lifts

  • Rear-entry wheelchair lifts with up to 1,000 lb capacity 
  • SmartFloor™ flexible flooring and seating system allows numerous seating configurations 
  • Accommodates up to four wheelchair passengers 
  • Retractable wheelchair tie-downs with storage bags 
  • First aid kit & fire extinguisher 
  • Meets all applicable FMVSS compliance requirements 

Shift N Step Dual-Entry Conversion

  • One-door entry for both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers 
  • ADA compliant, 34" wide lift 
  • SmartFloor™ flexible flooring and seating system allows numerous seating configurations 
  • Up to 6 ambulatory passengers plus 2 wheelchair passengers (including driver) 
  • 800 lb side-lift and retractable wheelchair restraints 


  • Seating for up to 14 passengers (including driver) 

  • “Good, better, best” seat options, including Trieste Leathermate reclining seats 

  • SmartFloor™ with wood-pattern laminate

  • LED overhead lighting

  • Aftermarket air conditioning 

Download Sell Sheet

Download our e-Transit Sell Sheet


Mobility and Shuttle vehicles are available on 148”/148”EL wheelbase with medium, or high roofs. Efficient Electric Solutions for the Wheelchair Accessible Transportation or Hospitality Industry with the same valuable features on zero-emission chassis. 

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