SmartFloor™ Flexible Flooring System

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SmartFloor™ is a patented and innovative floor system available on converted Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ram Promaster chassis. The modular SmartFloor technology allows easy and quick moving of seats and wheelchair positions nearly anywhere within the van, or seats can be moved to the lift for removal.

A Closer Look at SmartFloor

SmartFloor Seat Install Instructions

Provides Flexibility and Versatility

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can easily be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport and back as often as needed, taking just a few seconds per seat.

  • Innovative seat bases with wheels means no lifting. Simply roll to the lift for removal or move to another spot to make room for wheelchairs.
  • Constructed with 1-1/4” extruded aluminum, SmartFloor adds significant strength to unibody frames currently found in the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster.
  • Installed as one piece with automotive-grade adhesive, there’s no risk of exposed bolts causing damage to the underbody or other components.
  • Commercial vehicles with SmartFloor can fit up to four standard wheelchairs or twelve ambulatory passengers.

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