Dodge Grand Caravan Rear-Entry Minivan

Our Dodge/Chrysler Rear-Entry Minivans are ideal for use in the healthcare, taxi and transport industries. Minivans are a great alternative to larger vans, shuttles or buses, particularly in situations where only one or two wheelchair positions are required. Minivans offer ease-of-use and excellent maneuverability as well as efficient gas mileage. In addition, our Dodge/Chrysler Rear-Entry minivans come standard with our exclusive FlexFlat ™ ramp system and are ADA and FMVSS compliant so you have the peace-of-mind that your staff and clients are being transported comfortably and safely .


Easier, Better, and Double the Gas Mileage

A great alternative to larger vans, shuttles or buses when only one or two wheelchair positions are required. Easier use, better maneuverability, and literally double the gas mileage of a full-size van.


Spring-loaded Assisted Fold-Out Ramp

MobilityWorks' new rear entry conversion features a 34" wide manual fold-out ramp with easy-to-use spring-loaded assistance.

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Our Advantages

As the nation’s leading commercial wheelchair van dealer, we are focused on being the one-stop resource for your mobility van needs. Our team of experts provides each customer with the best advantages in the industry, including:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • SmartFloor™ technology
  • Customizations based on your needs
  • Free on-site training
  • Routine service check-ups

Dodge and Chrysler Commercial Wheelchair Minivans

This design has been successfully crash tested and meets all ADA and FMVSS guidelines. Business owners have “peace of mind” that their passengers and drivers are in one of the safest vehicles on the road. The short floor package includes a maintenance-free ramp with industry leading capacity of 1,000 lbs., the widest ramp available in a Chrysler minivan (34"), and a 3-passenger 2nd row bench seat.

3 images of interior-ramp, seats and tie-downs

The industry’s first NTEA approved stretcher mount option is available on all long-cut units.

Also available is MobilityWorks’ exclusive Flex-Flat Ramp system which features a ramp that folds flat into the floor to create a flat deck. The Flex-Flat option is a convenient way to store luggage, golf clubs and more.

MobilityWorks converts the best-selling minivans in the country for commercial wheelchair access. Our Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country rear entry minivan conversion features a fold-out ramp that is 34" wide and has 1,000 lb weight capacity – both best in the industry for these minivans. With 56" of entrance head room, it is fully ADA and FMVSS compliant. Plus it gives maximum flexibility with holding one or two wheelchairs in the secured area with tie-downs.

With a host of accessible features designed for easy wheelchair access, plus the maneuverability and fuel economy of a minivan, MobilityWorks Rear Entry Commercial Vans are extremely well-suited for a wide range of wheelchair transport uses.

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 12.28.18 PM

How does MoblityWorks stack up?

  • ADA Compliant
  • Meets FMVSS safety standards
  • Crash Tested & Altoona Tested
  • Seats Pull Tested
  • Exclusive "Flex-Flat" ramp
  • Widest ramp available in the Dodge & Chrysler minivans (34")
  • Over 22 mpg
  • Holds one or two wheelchairs and up to five ambulatory passengers.

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Today's full size vehicles offer the safety of uni-body design, improved gas mileage and more. Likewise, there are new innovations available in wheelchair accessibility that will increase it's use and time on the road.

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